In case you've missed the call in the flow of emails!

Seven years of global unity, standing for the well being of earth's children!

Please join us on Sunday May 12, 2013 at 1 pm local time
as we stand for a better world with 5 minutes of silence.
Read Sharon Mehdi's inspiring story offered in many languages, join in the Mother's Day Peace Prayer** and sisterhood of projects holding hands across earth's hemispheres, and
let us stand as one!

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Join the legions of women and men around the world who have united behind the following statement:

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Thank you,
The Standing Women Team at LightPages

There is a new field of possibility and power present with us as we move into May 2013,
an expansion of our inner experience, a newness already here...
Every person's step (or stand) toward unity for the sake of earth's children is making a difference.
Every group's shared intention to be as One is substantiating the newness.
Every alliance of projects united for the greater good is
prefiguring the world of which we dream for the children.

** The Mother's Day Peace Prayer
(Also in Spanish at

Let us invoke the power of unconditional love and commitment
From all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and all women,
Circling the Earth, to awaken the Global Heart,
By lifting our voices in a chorus for peace.

We will move forward to influence humanity
For a more caring, just, tolerant and peaceful world.

Let it be so.