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Bonnie K.

LA QUINTA, California,
United States 92248

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Conscious Evolution - Santa Barbara
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Gather the Women Global Matrix
The Interspirit Foundation
Additional information available EVOLUTIONARY WOMEN
Communion of the Whole
Divine Plan - Network Design Group
Standing Women
Dharma Healing International
Santa Barbara Global Village

I like to think that we are "illuminating the circuitry" of ourselves-- as Light Beings. This is happening as we connect with individuals globally who are consciously attuned to cocreating the planeteary awakening. I can imagine living in a world of pure awareness where we naturally acknowledge the fact that we are ONE BODY OF HUMANITY.

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I am interested in Women's groups that are participating in cocreating environments where women feel the benevolence of mutuality, trust and safety. I am searching for like-minded and light-hearted kindred teammates...

Women's groups


I am Bonnie Kelley, most definitely an Evolutionary Woman. I co-founded this organization with Lucky Sweeny. Every breath I've taken since we began, to some degree, has been an outpouring of gratitude for the privilege of cocreating a vehicle, a container, a vessel, a heart-space for millions of women, like me, to have a place to share her full potential and become visible as an individual and a collective embodiment of the new feminine archetype emerging into consciousness on the planet today.

Whew! That is a rendition of me and-- my dream expressed simultaneously. Self and Social. Me, as a fractal of the whole. I am awakening to the fact that I AM, like all other likeminded folks, beginning to recognize mySelf as the center of the Universe. Simple and ordinary, and also vast and infinite. Blessingsxoxo...


What do you want people to know about you?
To introduce myself, as I am aware of “my-Self” at this moment in time, 9-4-2007, I would first want to share a quote by Joan of Arc: She said, “I am not afraid, I was born for this.” Though I enjoy-- more than anything else in the world, the lightness and childlikeness of just spewing out love in every form possible, it is unmistakably true that I’m seriously committed to demonstrating, facilitating and embodying the dignity and passion of the human potential to consciously evolve into universal enlightenment – and (take a breath with me) to feel joyful as we are doing it. I am relentlessly activated by this purpose and live in the wonder and awe of the times we are living in.

What is most important to you now?
To continue to bring people and situations into my experience that are similarly committed so that we can work together and co-create the environment and conditions that will bring about our planetary awakening...

What gifts do you have for others?
Endless faith that this shift in consciousness is possible.

What gifts would you like to receive from others?
I am always open to ---and searching for partners...

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