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Ani A.

Santa Barbara, California,
United States 93110

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I am a small dot . . . where everything comes together.

I am a point . . . in a galactic dance with other dots and points moving toward a destination of our own making.

I am a dot on the map of a new world forming as we speak, by our thoughts and intentions and by our openness to and cooperation with each other.

The mystery, innocence and power of our synergy becomes a great coordinating process washing us onto a new shore of our collective hearts desires.

My Dream
To wake up from all illusion

Crafting multimedia and digital art messages and websites for conscious evolutionaries on the move -

Bringing Community together in sacred spaces to care for ourselves and serve others in ways that evolve our social systems and fulfill the desires of our hearts.


My recent experience in Denver with the "Citizens Solutions Council" has turned my passionate attention to consciously exploring the "GAP" between resonant circle GAP cocreative core GAP synergestic community GAP cocreative society . . . what is the invisible architecture that forms between one stage of evolution and the next in the unfolding implicate order? . . . and can we become conscious of it, as it, and consciously evolve ourselves as a species - from individual to resonant circle to cocreative core to synergistic communities of social action to cocreative societies to evolutionary completion at our next collective level as a species? . . . while we develop curriculum for a School for Social Pioneers?

I realize this is a bit much to bite off, but I see the pattern. I just want to see it more clearly, deeply and be able to transmit/teach it to others, which can only happen in circle.

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