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Julie H.

Ojai, California,
United States

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Standing Women
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a) Longtime affiliation with yogic practices and Eastern philosophy; b) Currently doing shamanic healing work of the Q'ero Incan protocol(can work in person or long-distance via phone);c) A creative strategist/think tank worker; d)After years of fundraising for an international organization, I offer help for those who could benefit from abundance consciousness; e)Very much committed to 'living' in the grid/matrix/field of the dimension we think we are moving towards...yet, which, I believe is already accessible. I invite anyone who reads this blurb to read, "Letter to Earth" by Elia Wise -- it is brilliant and literally illuminating!

My Dream
My dream is that women all over the world take a clue from events such as the Standing Women May 13th gathering-- and many other such projects of coming together-- and realize that what is really being asked is for each woman to reclaim and re-member her essentail and authentic feminine self. My dream is that each woman is ready to utterly trust her intuition; that each woman honors her gift of compassion, nurturing, and knows that her wish for peace comes from her deepest coding of protectiveness that 'no harm' comes to her loved ones. I dream that each woman becomes a Standing Woman as she goes about her every day life: standing in her wisdom, and willing to show who she is-- no longer believing in, afraid of, or feeling devalued by old, aggressive models. My dream is that women gather with women and do whatever they feel is appropriate-- in their homes, towns or cities-- that would model to others how people can come together and work out differences using the simple tools of listening, compassion, compromise and creative solutions. I believe that women don't have to dream and hope and think a better world is sometime in the future.. but rather, that women start holding a very strong certainty that a better world is within our reality and hold to that intention with all their heart.

Unity Consciousness;



What do you want people to know about you?
a) 30 plus years of spiritual study and yogic practices.
b) Intuitive creative/ strategist (aka: “high speed messenger”)
c) Lakshmi consciousness(aka: abundance thinking; fundraising )
d) Shamanic practitioner
e) Leadership and organizational skills

What is most important to you now?
To link up with people of like-frequency, and work together with focused intentionality to usher in the higher consciousness that is our birthright. If there is one book I would want everyone at this conference to read, it would be: Letter to Earth by Elia Wise. It says everything I want to share with you about ‘the call’ I am receiving.

What gifts do you have for others?
The 5th dimension - everything else we could possibly hope for will unfold when this essential consciousness shift occurs on a planetary scale.

What gifts would you like to receive from others?
Finding people who want to literally hold space for the evolutionary state we know will be the result of the 'shift'. However, I seek people ready to hold that certainty now-- so as to provide the 'completed' field for the Lightworkers, Peacemakers and Earthkeepers to work in 'on the ground' now. Email me if you want to connect.

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