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Lavonne R.

Long Beach, California,
United States

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I love to laugh, I will cry with you, I will show you unconditional love and support.

I started studying Holistic Health for my own self care, after the loss of many loved ones including my spouse and mother. I have been walking down this path of self discovery and acceptance for the last 14 years.

I am a Seeker, Listener and a Witness. During my journey I recognized a need among women to share, be supported, and be unconditionally accepted for who they are. Each Spring and Fall I plan and faciliate a retreat to areas like Sedona, AZ, Idyllwild and Mt.Shasta California wherever I am called. Each retreat is different depending on the women that are drawn to attend. It is my blessing to help women evolve to their greatest potential. Mostly we co-create a sacred space where each women can be there authentic selves and if they don't know what that is (as many of us don't) we explore our wildest inspiriation and what we aspire to be when we grow up. I always add in some self-care massages, Reiki or just a bubble bath what ever the womens mind, body and souls are open too. We share in ceremonies such as Drum Circles and Water Blessings.

What draws me here is Women, I am in awe of them and all they can do and I love to hear each of her stories. I gather strength, wisdom and clarity. I am proud to walk forward hand in hand,shoulder to shoulder with my head held high down the yellowbrick road to OZ where all of our dreams come true!

Ceremony, Water Healing, Unconditional Love and Support for all of Humanity.


My name is LaVonne Rees and I am an Evolutionary Women. What does that mean to me? It means I nurture myself and other Women with compassion, empathy and celebration. The vehicle I use to express this joy is Women's Circles and Women's Retreats.

I am feeling charged and ready to go. I bring kindness and genuine love to this great planet. It is my deepest intention to allow the emergence of my magnificence and release any blocks that are in the way of me stepping into my ultimate power. At this moment I feel called to Celebrate with all of my sisters and co-create Heaven on Earth through laughter and an open heart!

Look forward to seeing each of you this weekend. Namaste'

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