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Laura R.

San Diego, California,
United States 92163

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Speaker, Author, Master Leadership Coach, Hypnotherapist, specializing in body transformation, Marketing Consultant to Financial Advisors and other small business service professionals.

I am passionate about women exploring their feminine power and expressing it in the world. Women are the most powerful influencing force that bring about change. We have the power to create incredible joy-filled relationships.

My Dream
A world of women deeply connected and in love with their wonderful selves. A world where love flows and compassion is visible. Our world is filled with joy-filled, harmonious and passionate relationships between men and women.

health, environment, feminine power, cultivating a conscious relationship my husband, yoga, hypnosis


Speaker, Author and Professional Coach, Laura Rubinstein is passionate about inspiring women to bring forth their feminine power and live authentically. As women align with and express their authentic essence, their values and convictions, I believe we will influence fundamental change in our communities and our world.

As the founder of, I know that when women everywhere honor their feminine spirit, the internal struggle we feel will cease, a profound sense of enlightened confidence will rise and we will consciously rise to the occasion of lightening up our lives, radiating our light, and creating more loving relationships (first with ourselves then) with our loved ones, friends, neighbors, communities and beyond.

Can you see this future? Women pouring love into the world like never before. Loving what they do because they are doing what they love. Loving children everywhere and providing the nurturing needed for those who are in incredible pain and seemingly unlovable, loving themselves so much that they only say yes to that which allows them to love more. Saying no to anything else is essential.

Women today are in touch with their masculine and as we bring that into balance with our essential feminine, our world will shift to value more peaceful sustainable choices.

Please join our community, share your voice. We will nurture your feminine soul and stand with you.

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