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I am the founder of Reciprocal Science, the philoshophy, psychology and physics of unity, action and relationship. I've written three books, "Chocolate & Physics; a love story by me", "Elements of Existence" and it's companion book, "Life Design". At this time "Elements" and "Life Design" are only available through contact with me. One of my desires is to see these works published and available world-wide. Reciprocal Science is crucial to the great shift of meaning in the heart of the Human-we because it answers the question "How is life happening?". The answers flowing from this question naturally point out the new pathways of meaning available to us and the 'how tos' for intentional shifting of personal and collective focus. We will find our way, we will evolve together into the next great chapter of our continuing story. We'll do this together because that's what we're already doing. Freedom, peace and Mother Love are our new guides and signposts. Welcome, welcome,welcome.

Changing the world with collective consensus. Please view the Max Trinity Videos on youtube. Just enter 250boycott (all one word) in youtube search bar or paste the address below in your browser bar Max Trinity



What has shifted in you over the past 8 years?
Two major shifts in my own awakening include my own feminization and the shift out of struggle addiction. Up until four years ago I had an unconscious hate for my own feminity and a huge denial that I am in fact a female incarnation. I have not only made peace with my feminine nature, I've embraced and integrated the meanings of the divnie feminine into my heart. I'm discovering the balance of the masculine and femimnine aspects of awareness and of my own existence, I'm discovering my own balanced nature. This has been so far a very calming and relieving experience and is aiding me in my further seeing. I also discovered that all the patterns I had become addicted to had a common characteristic. They all generate struggle. So, I am easing out of struglle and laying my struggle body down. It is a welcome death. I'm currently focusing on easing the body through intentional deep relaxation and infusing the personal mind space with happiness.

What are you called to co-create now?
My calling is clear to me. I'm called to co-create the new language, the new meanings and the new ideas that will facilitate our emergence into our next group shift as the human-we. I offer a whole new science of context to realign all of our individual stories into the framework of unity by utilising our own free choice and our capacity for reception. I'm identifying the divine masculine as Freedom (pure assertion) and the divine feminine as Love (pure receptivity). The reciprocating relatonship between freedom and love is the active foundation of life. I'm also launching a new world philosophy by asserting that freindship is the highest form of human relationship and the obvious relationship of humans living in peace. I'm opening to new group consensus based on these tenets.

How have the ideas of conscious evolution, and our resonant field influenced your evolution?
I was first introduced to this community through Barbara Marx Hubbards book, "Emergence". I admit that I first read it in my pre-feminization days and declared it to be, "...too pink, too fluffy for me...". When I picked it up again in my post feminizationtime I was astounded! It was a "new book" for me and helped me to re-establish my relationship with the mother. I've been growing in that relationship in particular and it has lead to wonderful places of peace and to personally connect with Bonnie Kelley and Jeanie Derousseau who are demonstrating to me their pwoerful resonance in friendship and appreciation. I feel my self and my life changing at a much faster rate since contact with these gals. So much has been cleared for me that I can't express it all here and so, I'll be journeyiing from the deserts of southern Utah to Santa Barbara in May to meet Bonnie and Jeanie in the physical and express the opening up they have initiated in me and to see my own effects on them.

What can you envision as next steps in our community process?
I'm constructing a new book based on the new science of reciprocity as applied to community planning and formation. I believe whole communities will function in unity and clarity if they are based around freindships. It will cause a new migration of humans, not based on resources or current economical models, but based on genuine human interest, creativity and comfort. I can see that when we really begin to realise that all humans are friends in the all-awake, we will shift very quickly nto the next highest ideas and maenings f our individual and collective lives. Just think... Jesus said, "No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his friends." I believe we took a wrong turn in shortening the thought to, "no greater love hat a man than to lay down his life." This elevated personal sacrfice to the highest form of love. This belief has generated personal martyrdom, resentment and the win/lose scenarios of dominace and submission. If we take the whole statement and see that Jesus said lay down your life FOR YOUR FREINDS, not for your country, not for your beliefs, not for your family, not for your god but, for your freinds... then we can see the heart of the statement. No greater love hath a man than for his FREINDS. Just think if freidship had been declared the highest form of love and we ha been living the meanings of freindship for the past 2000 years. just imagine where we would be now. peace and love to you my freinds, here and in the all-awake. k

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