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Janet Smith W.

Sarasota, Florida,
United States

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Standing Women
Circle Connections
U.N. Women's Circles Connecting

I play with word energy, sculpting bridges between the energetic and physical worlds, shifting wisdom seekers into personal freedom and inner peace. See,, and

Word energy, spirituality, collaboration, consciousness, mindfulness, relationship dynamics, perception shifts, optical illusions, transformation.



What is the highest idea for my expression and contribution to the whole?
Becoming aware of our words and the energy they communicate. Choosing the words that bring peace, power, prosperity, collaboration and creativity into our lives, individually and collectively.

What must I become/be more of to welcome this highest idea?
Be aware in each and every moment of the energies within and around me. Choose words or silence, as appropriate, to stay in integrity and create a harmonious and collaborative dynamic among those around me.

What must I release in order to become/be this?

What is the highest idea for women as a collective?
For each woman to stand tall in her own integrity and power and communicate that integrity and power to all other women so that together, we are a powerful, dynamic, co-creative collective.

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