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Lucky S.

Towson, Maryland,
United States

LightPage networks I participate in
Conscious Evolution - Santa Barbara
Global Resonance Network
Gather the Women Global Matrix
The Interspirit Foundation
Additional information available Evolutionary Women
Communion of the Whole
Evolutionary Women: Baltimore
Global Family
Women's Millionaire Network
GTW Global Matrix: Southern California

I'm a co-founder of Evolutionary Women and the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community. I am currently living on the East Coast in Baltimore, MD.

I am a certified professional Astrologer and have been doing consultations since 1970. I love the stars. Astrology is the interpretative language of the cosmic patterns in our solar system. Want to broaden your horizons? Look into your stars.

As an Evolutionary educator and coach, I work with individuals and groups to fully integrate the Universal and Human aspects of ourselves so we can bring qll our resources, talents and capacities to the current transition on our planet.

My Dream
A world that works for everyone!!!

Consciousness Evolution, Astrology, Community, Spirituality, Politics and lots more. I'm a Sagittarius. I'm interested in almost everything.


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