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Estelle T. S.

Charlotte, North Carolina,
United States

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Hello I am Estelle a seasoned European Certified Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Creative Transpersonal Life Coach, Creator of International Community Celebrations, Creator of Creative Community Circle Groups, including Circle Harvesting. I have recently been hornored to be the Regional Coordinator of GTW for North Carolina and Portugal. I have added my wisdom and experience to a new wellness Center here in Charlotte, NC, The Living Waters Wellness Center. I work with individuals for Personal and Spiritual Growth. I work in circle group and offer workshops such as : The Aware Self Workshop. Each Autumn I produce the International Traveling Autumn Celebration and in 2012 will assist with a GTW celebration here in Charlotte for Inter. Women's Day.

My Dream
My dream is similiar to my interest. My books and booklets published. Share myself as a seasoned Transpersonal Therpist/ Coach , offer my Groups and myself as events leader and speaker in Portugal, southern Europe as well as other areas of the States.

A focused interest for me is to share and get published many of my writings including: A Creative non-fiction Memoir in progress entitled: The Dare: an ET adventure that changed my life forever. Plus a collection of short stories that embrace our interconnectedness with nature especially the Trees entitled: An E.T.Tale: The Borage Affect. I will be spending more time in my adopted country , Portugal and would like to share my work as a healer and group facililator, and events creator with other areas of southern Europe.

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