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Jamie W.

Binghamton, New York,
United States

LightPage networks I participate in
Gather the Women Global Matrix
Ways Women Lead
Women's Spirit Council

Greetings to All. Yes, we are all vessels of peace, harmony, inspiration, creativity, and Divine Love.

The presence of peace and Feminine heartfulness and fierce compassion (and heartful passion) is needed everywhere.

We know that cultivating and embodying it is part of the Great Work.

After traveling the Underworld of initiation, I'm called to share the pearls from that journey to help illuminate others who are awakening to and embodying the re-emerging Feminine in the world now, in these times of Great Turning.

You can visit Ivy Sea Online ( to learn more about me, The Academy of the Divine Feminine, The Feminine Mojo Show, and other Muse Foods.

I welcome conversation and collaboration/co-creation with kindred spirits!

Joyful Blessings, Jamie

Engaged Spirituality, Divine Feminine, Sophia, Wisdom, ancient wisdom traditions, Indigenous wisdom traditions, shamanic practices, right livelihood, gatherings with kindred spirits and potential kindred spirits, the power of the Word and vibration, Mother Nature, my feline friends, and more...

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