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Virginia S.

Denver, Colorado,
United States

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I have a Master's degree in Arts Management, a BFA with an emphasis in commercial art and a certificate in multimedia design.

I am a published writer, cartoonist, and illustrator. I have created comics, illustrations, and web sites for myself and others. I also do graphic design.

My main focus is on women, marginalized populations and the spiritual healing process. I am also interested in the many faces of the Goddess.

I am a member of the Crones Counsel, and the National Association of Pen Women.

Besides my art career I have directed an art gallery, been on the BOD of an international organization for people with albinism and am now VP of a pan-African visual arts organization.

Visit my Zebracorn art site to see some of my latest works. Visit the Zebracorn blog to learn about the creative art process.

Also visit my Golden Child site to find out about pan-Africans with albinism. Check out The Golden Child blog to read about my take on life as a pan-African with albinism and other topics.

My Dream
My dream is to combine art, spirit and healing in a way that makes the world or at least my corner of it a better, safer place.

Earth based spirituality, visual art, creative writing, storytelling in all its forms.


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