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Joya C.

Sedona, Arizona,
United States

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Joya Comeaux, founder of the Family of Light World Peace Ministries (FOL), and author of AVE MARIA! Angels Sing a Journey to Remembrance. Hosting Women's Circles, AVE! Goddess Radio, Abundance Conferences, Global World Peace Media Summits, AVE! Movement, World Peace Productions, Live Broadcasts, online TV, magazine, and worldwide Women International Network.

My Dream
World Peace

Spirituality in Business, media & event production, languages, cultures, real estate, health, wealth, real estate, film, video production, meditation, music, singing, divinity, full self-expression.



I am all about globally connecting Circles of Love:

Just click on the above link, enter your first name as a guest, and watch this recorded video production that I made using a fabulous global live broadcasting software that you can use to market and participate in global Circles of Love Around the World!

love, joya

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