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From: Ann S.
Date: Saturday, September 21, 2013, 11:14 AM
Subject: Tapping into the Universe Within Ourselves
ID: 273653

Dear Circle Sisters in Florida:

I am sorry this is so late in getting out the good news that Prissy Hamilton from Nevada will be our Lunch With

guest this coming Friday at 1 pm and on Saturday will be giving us a magical experience in using our creative

energies. Both events at Happehatchee.

In a workshop with Prissy Hamilton learn exactly what Primal Energies are, how they work, how to communicate

with them. Come find out what this shift everyone is talking about actually is, how it works and how to find a

balance within it. In this great awakening of our post-2012 world, rediscover ancient secrets about the elemental

forces of nature and how to communicate them. Learn how these primal energies creatively come together in

almost unseeable ways to co-creatively manifest everything that we can see, touch, feel and sense. In this

workshop, gain an understanding of how these essential elemental energies link into all things, including our

rapidly evolving human experience. Learn how to communicate with them, how they have always been ready

to ‘play’ with us to manifest our new creations.

Join Prissy as she shares this ancient and incredible knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Together we really

can tune in, commune and participate in our selves, on our planet and within the universe.

More in-depth information here: Please RSVP and hope to see you.

Namaste!!! Ann

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