Standing Women

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From: Jeanie DeRousseau
Date: Sunday, April 12, 2015, 1:53 PM
Subject: Anchoring a common vision for the children
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Dear #StandingWomen,

You're receiving this special notice because you've previously posted your 'stand for a better world' on www.StandingWomen.netOnce again, women (and men) will be standing for 5 min of silence on May 10, 2015, Mother's Day in many countries, envisioning a world that is alive with hope, love and possibility for every child.

We're inspired to think of each post as a grounding of the dream...  Will you please 'anchor the vision' once more at

 Tell us where you will stand

and what inspires you,

See where others are standing,

and play our links forward...

Link to invitation:

Link to Declaration of Standing:,tilted.png

We've all seen many changes since 2007, and from here, it seems increasingly important to build the habit of seeing the world as a whole, and humanity as a family.  This is what we're committed to doing on a daily as well as annual basis.  If you are part of this holding/seeing team, we would love to connect in 3D, to build a relationship with you and/or your project.  If you feel similarly, please write to Julie at

We have about one month before Mother's Day (May 10).  Please follow your heart's wisdom to do everything you can to reinforce the unity of the vision during this time, and always.  Thank you, dear sisters...

Namaste, and blessings on each and everyone,
Jeanie, Bruce, Bonnie, Julie, and Deb on behalf of Standing Women