Dear #StandingWomen,

Thank you for posting your 'stand for a better world' on,  and joining women (and men) worldwide for 5 min of silence on May 10, 2015, Mother's Day in many countries, envisioning a world that is alive with hope, love and possibility for every child.

If you have not yet posted your stand, will you please...

 Tell us where you will stand

See where others are standing,

and play our links forward...

Link to invitation:

Link to Declaration of Standing:,tilted.png

And from the beautiful global field that we've all been tending, more ways to connect and align are emerging: 

  • If you've been anchoring a 'stand' that is in deep alignment with the Declaration of Standing, please contact Julie at  We'd love to build a relationship with you and/or your project, and become 'Standing Partners'. 
  • Judith Onley, who has been promoting Standing Women's Declaration following all her workshops, is offering a global telecall on May 10, Mother's Day, 12:45 pm EDT.  Judith is a spiritual mentor and channel for 'US' (United Souls of Heaven and Earth).  If you are called to anchor energy for the children in this way, see for more details.

We are just a week to Mother's Day (May 10).  Please follow your heart's wisdom to do everything you can to reinforce the unity of the vision during this time, and always.  Thank you, dear sisters...

Namaste, and blessings on each and everyone,
Jeanie, Bruce, Bonnie, Julie, and Deb on behalf of Standing Women