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Circle Connections
December, 2011 Volume 1 Issue 8

In This Issue

~ Circle Connections Update
~ Circle Story
~ Circle Tips
~ More on Circles
~ Event's Diary
~ Share this Newsletter

Welcome to Circle Connections Newsletter
Vol 1 Issue 8 ~ edited by Rhonda Hull ~

circle connection update header

Circle Connections Update

Circle Connections is changing, growing and evolving! There's nothing better than connecting in person to experiencing the power of Circle, however more and more find it becoming ecologically and economically challenging. We hope to offer you the next best thing. Coming in October we will be bringing you the intimacy and power of a Circle experience online. Using the latest in Teleconferencing, we will offer a virtual TeleCircles Event, Make a Difference and Thrive.

In order to better serve you and keep you informed about this and other upcoming Circle events and offerings, we are changing our email system. We value your connection with you and don't want you to miss anything, so please take a moment to visit our website at Once on our site, you will find on the right a purple opt-in box. Please in-put you name and email and sign up (again) to become a member.

This small step will keep you in our database AND in appreciation, you will receive a FREE download, "How to Make a Difference and Thrive Using Circles". Thanks, and please do it right now before you forget.

Thanks for remaining a valued member of our Circle Connections Community.

circle in action

The Last Circle
by Ann Smith
(We invite you to submit your 300 word circle story for consideration to

ellen peterson photoMy dear friend and colleague, Ellen Peterson (December 5, 1923 – October 14, 2011), died in circle. Ellen was an extraordinary woman who in her soft Southern voice championed justice and peace for all creation. She was Florida’s top environmentalist as well as an activist on behalf of farm workers, women’s rights and peace. She lived Circle Principles and helped me co-facilitate many circle events. Her home and beautiful “Old Florida” property she gave to us for an eco-spirituality center, The name is Happy River in the Seminole language. When she was given the diagnosis of terminal cancer and her doctor recommended Hospice, she went home circled by her friends, family and colleagues from the many diverse groups.

Ellen chose to die naturally without medications and to not eat or drink anything. We held many circles for Ellen, some drumming/chanting circles, some just being-with-Ellen circles. Some circle where held in the Happehatchee Yoga Studio or Orchid House where she was placed in the center and others were held around her bed. Ellen Peterson with a bird photo

Her women’s Moon Circle, which has been meeting on the full moon for the past eighteen years, was her last circle, the circle that surrounded and held her when she died. At the very end they sang the song The Circle is Open but not broken, may the peace of the Goddess/God/Universe live ever in our hearts, merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

She lived in circle, she died in circle, a conscious life and death deeply connected to herself, to us, to Mother Earth and now the Universe. Her last circle becomes the seeds for planting many more circles to carry on the work.

Circle Tip
submitted by Ann Smith

image of a circleCircles as a way of life are as plentiful and diverse as our imaginations. Let your creativity flow in co-creating new circles.

Circles of diversity bring the fullness of life. Invite people of different ages, races, cultures and interests to help form new circles. Welcome them as co-creators. Celebrate the diversity and all the stages of life from birth to death.

Circles help us to live a life deeply connected to ourselves, one another, Mother Earth and the Universe. Engage with the natural world of animals, plants, trees, land, rivers, oceans, stars, moon and sun in forming a kinship out of a deep love for all creation. Ellen will tell you this is the first step in saving the world.

Circle Connecting is the most powerful movement in human history. It is leader-full, and all who are part of these circles are Circle Leaders. Make as many connections as possible and through these connections make more exponentially connecting circles until the tipping point for positive change is here.

Contact us at for more information

To learn more about the collective wisdom distilled from our Purpose, Passion and Prosperity TeleCircles in November and to join in the powerful conversations, join us on Light Pages, a trustworthy place to connect, collaborate, and to go deeper into Circle-related conversations

To enter the conversation, visit: .

To access Prosperity call replay recordings, visit:

Great article on Circles in the Stanford Innovation Review
Circles of Change by Tracy A. Thompson

Widening Circles
by Rainer Maria Rilke; translation by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows

I live my life in widening circles
that reach out across the world.
I may not complete this last one
but I give myself to it.

I circle around God, around the primordial tower.
I've been circling for thousands of years
and I still don't know: am I a falcon,
a storm, or a great song?

Event's Diary
Compiled by Rosjke Hasseldine

Viernes 25 de Noviembre, 2011

Conferencia: Caminando en dos mundos: La Alquimia de los Opuestos (Para todo público. Al confirmar el espacio, les enviaremos la invitación) con Doctora Sharon Mijares. Caracas, Venezuela

Sábado 26 de Noviembre, 2011

Taller: Mujeres transformando nuestro mundo: Balance entre Poder y Belleza (Solo para mujeres) con Doctora Sharon Mijares. Caracas, Venezuela.
Institutes for Women and Global Change. These Institutes are associated with The Root of All Evil: An Exposition of Prejudice, Fundamentalism and Gender Imbalance. Sharon Mijares, Aliaa Rafea, Rachel Falik and Jenny Eda Schipper. (2007).

November 23rd, 2011 - The fourth Wednesday of every month
Circles Across the Pond

Time: 19:30.
Place: Held at Next to Nowhere on Bold Street in Liverpool City Centre
Who: Local women of all ages from 19 - 70
We meet once a month to share discussion and open our hearts in a trusted and loving environment.
Tea is free so just bring biscuits! Deborah Eizabeth Barrett

November 25-December 10, 2011
Episcopal 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Please join Anglican Women’s Empowerment (AWE), Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EFP), and the Episcopal Women’s Caucus (EWC) in participating in the “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence” campaign by individuals and groups around the world to call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women. Since 1991, more than 3,700 organizations in approximately 164 countries have participated. During these 16 Days, we encourage you to participate through prayer and meditation, special services, sermons, speakers or films at adult forums, articles written in religious and secular publications, performance art, and in other creative ways. Choose something that works for you!

To learn more, visit our blog at, or the 16 Days website at

Coming in January...

January 9th, 2012- Open Circle
This will be an opportunity to connect, collaborate, learn and share deeply about topics that matter to us all.
No need to register. Just come!
Dial-in number: (712) 432-0075
Participant access code: 108643


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Wishing you powerful connections and joy-full colaborations,
The Co-Creators of Circle Connections

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