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Diana T. Click here to view LightPage
Onamia, Minnesota, United States
I have just completed all my course work for Master's in Leadership in Social Transformation and embarking upon my last requirement of creating a social enterprise. I am using a circle process I learned from Diane M. Millis, PHD a professor at United Theological Seminary who just completed a book on the 4/4/4 process that structures narrative circles. The book is called; Re-Creating a Life: Learning How to Tell Our Most Life-Giving Story. I would dearly appreciate being a part of the circle processes offered here to listen, learn, and integrate all that I can about facilitating circles. I have a vision for scaling up these processes to help Presidential Candidates grow their constituency to help people become more authentic and vulnerable with self in order to become vulnerable with others.

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patricia r. Click here to view LightPage
mexico, miguel hidalgo, Mexico
Hi After a tough motherless childhood and 2 abusive marriges it took me a while and lots of therapy to love myself and understand mu value and the importance standing on my own two feet. Seeing its effectiveness y studied and practiced psychotherapy for quite a few years. At 78 I would like to learn ways like the “millionth circlr”, in which I can share what I have learned and help other women find their voice and help create a safe and bettee world.

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Nicole W. Click here to view LightPage
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Hello! My name is Nicole Williams. I was born in California where I lived until last year. That’s home and goes back five generations. We recently moved for my husbands job to North Carolina. I am a mother, wife and a self employed holistic practitioner. I have three children, two boys and one girl. When my daughter was born in 1994 life changed —and not sure why but it seemed nothing worked the way I use to think. My health to my work to my spiritual practice just started to reorganize and then unfold. Some of this started with my daughters health issues and it seemed alternative was the only way she responded to healing her physical body. During this time I also found myself putting together a women’s circle and for whatever reason the space, the women and the energy was quite magical. All the women wanted to continue do this monthly. I have had a circle practice off and on. I have spent the last 14 years in service to non profits ranging from women, children and families to education. For me the feminine rising and awakening within started a new beginning, and the longing I sensed within motherhood —just lead me here to be present and bringing forth the feminine connection and space. I am now here willing to serve and show up for humanity with a desire to connect with like minded women.

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Phebe G. Click here to view LightPage
Ithaca, New York, United States
My work is called "BeingChange: A Journey Through the Great Turning." Please visit my web site at to learn more about it. I'm passionate about joining together with people, and especially women, to envision and co-create a viable future for all beings. Women's wisdom and women's voices are desperately needed if we are to have hope in loving our world back to life. Supporting each other in bringing forth that wisdom and voice is a great gift we can give each other - and the generations to come.

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Janet Smith W. Click here to view LightPage
Sarasota, Florida, United States
I play with word energy, sculpting bridges between the energetic and physical worlds, shifting wisdom seekers into personal freedom and inner peace. See,, and

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Jocelyne F. Click here to view LightPage
kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Hello I am a yoga teacher and Women's Circle facilitator. I received a certificate in womens circles from this year and I have teaching feminine based yoga for 4 years. Thank you

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Gwen G. Click here to view LightPage
Plainfield, Illinois, United States
Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing Healing Circles to community.

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Sudaba S. Click here to view LightPage
Baku, C, Azerbaijan

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Hannah K. Click here to view LightPage
Portland, Oregon, United States
Hi my name is Hannah. I am a change maker, holistic health coach, piritual healer and a mother. I am a business woman and currently work in the area of natural food. I am starting a circle in Portland OR.

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Lucky S. Click here to view LightPage
Towson, Maryland, United States
I'm a co-founder of Evolutionary Women and the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community. I am currently living on the East Coast in Baltimore, MD. I am a certified professional Astrologer and have been doing consultations since 1970. I love the stars. Astrology is the interpretative language of the cosmic patterns in our solar system. Want to broaden your horizons? Look into your stars. As an Evolutionary educator and coach, I work with individuals and groups to fully integrate the Universal and Human aspects of ourselves so we can bring qll our resources, talents and capacities to the current transition on our planet.

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Jane N. Click here to view LightPage
I am Uganda mother. I am a teacher by profession and trying out movie acting. I love connecting with like minded women through circles. I am sure Circle Connection is my perfect home.

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Carolyn A. Click here to view LightPage
Nevada City, California, United States
Like others in this network, I'm a member of the global "transition team," committed to building a better world by transforming consciousness to unity and love. I'm a co-founder and co-director of Global Family and a co-founder of Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico. I'm also an entrepreneur and am currently producing the Women's Empowerment (WE) Channel on the internet and working with Nerium International as a Brand Partner. I co-authored The Co-Creator's Handbook, an experiential guide to discovering and fulfilling your life purpose.

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Bonnie H. Click here to view LightPage
New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States
I facilitated a women's meditation group for 3 1/2 years and now I am looking to join a circle or to begin one. Thanks you!

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Bonnie K. Click here to view LightPage
LA QUINTA, California, United States
I like to think that we are "illuminating the circuitry" of ourselves-- as Light Beings. This is happening as we connect with individuals globally who are consciously attuned to cocreating the planeteary awakening. I can imagine living in a world of pure awareness where we naturally acknowledge the fact that we are ONE BODY OF HUMANITY. Please visit for more information.

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Virginia S. Click here to view LightPage
Denver, Colorado, United States
I have a Master's degree in Arts Management, a BFA with an emphasis in commercial art and a certificate in multimedia design. I am a published writer, cartoonist, and illustrator. I have created comics, illustrations, and web sites for myself and others. I also do graphic design. My main focus is on women, marginalized populations and the spiritual healing process. I am also interested in the many faces of the Goddess. I am a member of the Crones Counsel, and the National Association of Pen Women. Besides my art career I have directed an art gallery, been on the BOD of an international organization for people with albinism and am now VP of a pan-African visual arts organization. Visit my Zebracorn art site to see some of my latest works. Visit the Zebracorn blog to learn about the creative art process. Also visit my Golden Child site to find out about pan-Africans with albinism. Check out The Golden Child blog to read about my take on life as a pan-African with albinism and other topics.

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Karen R. Click here to view LightPage
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Ceci McDonnell LISW and Karen Rosenberg, LISW, experienced therapists and guides, are offering their women’s retreats for the 16th year. Joining Ceci and Karen will be Lisa Hernandez who lives on Isla Mujeres. Lisa is a guide of sacred sites in Mexico and a teacher of the ancient Maya and their culture. As a Yoga teacher, her devotion is to help women inhabit their bodies with loving-attention and respect, inviting us to respond intuitively to our body’s wisdom.

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Dorothy B. Click here to view LightPage
Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
I am a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, community and political activist, traveler, reader, and a caller of women's circles. I retired from the classroom but am still employed by my school system coordinating AP testing and encouraging AP students. I officiate weddings, celebrate brides, welcome new babies, honor retirees, do house blessings and expectant mother blessings, and create many circles for women, young and old. I am a very excited first time grandmother to my darling little Mabel. In sum, I am a retired classroom teacher, local GTW coordinator, passionate progressive, education advocate, and community activist. Professionally, I am called 'Mrs Brewick' or 'Dorothy.' Family and friends call me 'Rowdy' and yes, there is a story. I am happy, busy, and very excited to be going to the UNCSW and look forward to the blessings that I will receive from sitting in circle with so many women.

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Christina B. Click here to view LightPage
Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States
I serve the Divinity, Humanity, and Earth through Iris Blooming, a Maryland-based and virtual community of women; through my relationships with family and friends; and through Vessels of Peace.

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Jamie W. Click here to view LightPage
Binghamton, New York, United States
Greetings to All. Yes, we are all vessels of peace, harmony, inspiration, creativity, and Divine Love. The presence of peace and Feminine heartfulness and fierce compassion (and heartful passion) is needed everywhere. We know that cultivating and embodying it is part of the Great Work. After traveling the Underworld of initiation, I'm called to share the pearls from that journey to help illuminate others who are awakening to and embodying the re-emerging Feminine in the world now, in these times of Great Turning. You can visit Ivy Sea Online ( to learn more about me, The Academy of the Divine Feminine, The Feminine Mojo Show, and other Muse Foods. I welcome conversation and collaboration/co-creation with kindred spirits! Joyful Blessings, Jamie

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Joya C. Click here to view LightPage
Sedona, Arizona, United States
Joya Comeaux, founder of the Family of Light World Peace Ministries (FOL), and author of AVE MARIA! Angels Sing a Journey to Remembrance. Hosting Women's Circles, AVE! Goddess Radio, Abundance Conferences, Global World Peace Media Summits, AVE! Movement, World Peace Productions, Live Broadcasts, online TV, magazine, and worldwide Women International Network.

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