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"The tension of opposites that makes energy possible is a universal law, fittingly expressed in the yang and yin of Chinese philosophy."
Collected Works - Carl Jung

We are birthing a new world… in ourselves… together...
Let us experience and know the reality of our collective ‘womb space’
as it nurtures each of us AND a love-based ecology on earth...

Are you a GODMother?

Are you following an inner call?
Are you anchoring an intention for your own growth AND for the greater good?
Do you experience an expansion of awareness in the company of other women with a calling?
Are you living a GODMother life, nuancing your natural nurturance with a greater awareness of what is needed?

Notice the conversation of women everywhere, unfolding and amplifying feminine wisdom
See the film "The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good"
Each voice and all of us are needed now to transmit and confirm
the new collective archetype we are co-creating
with every step toward our own growth AND


Imagine if each conversation we had was a deep and mutual energy exchange that benefitted everyone. This is the conversation power we are evoking in the GODMother Project, around the film 'The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good', in A Course of Living Conversation, and in every 'new reality' conversation we host and/or have.

The film subtly demonstrates this new way of Being together. In our conversations, when we listen deeply, and reflect back and forth to each other what is authentic and true, we live and substantiate a new culture of Wholeness and Aliveness. WE CO-CREATE A FIELD, A COLLECTIVE GODMother ARCHETYPE! The GODMother Project confirms and makes visible this archetype-field that is ALREADY HERE available to each and all of us as we take our steps toward personal and collective change.

We invite you to become aware of your part in the co-creation, and to make it visible here! Each quantum shift we make that brings more love into our own lives, substantiates our collective field and the greater good.

If you would like to join in the next conversation, please email us at

With deep gratitude for your presence and this emerging function on the planet,
Bonnie Kelley, GODMother, and Jeanie DeRousseau, Anthropologist
Sister Mirrors of the new in each other

For those of you who have asked, this is the portal through which you can reserve your space at the round table! We are asking $108 for a series of 6 screenings and conversations, but we are always ready for a conversation about right and possible exchange!

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