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"While remaining transcendent to all created things, the divine spirit involved itself in the birth of the material universe. The process that followed, the uneven but inexorable emergence of ever higher organization from matter to life to humankind, is then – at the heart of it – the unfolding of hidden divinity."
The Life We Are Given, A Long-Term Program for Realizing the Potential of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul - George Leonard and Michael Murphy

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Karen F.

Roseville, California,
United States

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I am a mixed media artist. I believe that thoughts shape reality and my art communicates the wisdom of Mother Earth and the divine intelligence of the Universe. I paint murals & large scale Labyrinths and I work with acrylic, oil, silk screening & enamel on canvas. I also create mosaic and hand painted plaster body sculptures for pregnant women. I believe we all have a purpose & I am here to use my creativity to spread joy, inspire inner growth, unite others & uplift humanity.

Indoor and outdoor beautification through painted Labyrinth applications, inspirational murals, fine art & body sculpture. To learn more about me & my art I invite you to visit my web gallery:


Hello, my name is Karen and I am here to listen and learn. I'm here to share and inspire. I'm a 32 year old woman, wife and mother of two great kids, Dreyson my son, who is 4 and Kat, my daughter, who is 11. I am an artist & a homemaker (or as I like to refer to my position as a "domestic Goddess".) And I am looking forward to connecting with other passionate, amazing, creative women.


How I stay in the present moment
This tends to be something I have totally on lock and other times struggle with big time. I believe that my unconventional meditation technique of creating my art is essential to living in the present for me. I also use little reminders, or affirmations to keep me centered in the moment, divination & ritual, conversations with my friends & music with a positive messages helps too; and when all else fails feeling humble & surrendering grounds my butt. I actually feel that I have found this network to encourage that faith in my life & I look forward to seeing what develops because of its influence. I tend to tell myself that I am a spirit with endless potential & to truly soak up what ever I seem to be facing in each moment because I am here to experience that endless potential.

My gift to the world is...
My passion. I am here to listen and share. My intention is to inspire through my creativity, love, inner reflection, acceptance and growth.

What the world should know about being a woman
I feel we are amazing in so many ways. A woman is a lover, she is strong & she is sweet. A woman is a visionary; she unites the family & the people in her community. She makes it all come together (in our family it is commonly said that “mamma is the glue.”) She takes great care in how she tends to her loved ones & makes sure they are safe. She is a friend, a daughter, a mother, a lover, a diplomat, a laborer, business partner & a CEO of her home, she's a nurse, a rollercoaster, a guru, a flower & a rock. A woman is always on a quest. She is determined & courageous. She can move mountains & she will!

I'd like to meet others who...
Can inspire me. I would love to meet other women who are into the arts, gardening, earth rhythms, lunar cycle, thought manifestation & families.

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