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Francia G.

Santa Barbara, California,
United States 93110

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Conscious Evolution - Santa Barbara
Global Resonance Network
Standing Women
Santa Barbara Global Village
Global Family
Women's Millionaire Network



Lifetime Skills and Experience
I was blessed with a desire to know Spirit at a very early age and joined a spiritual community in Santa Barbara when I was 18 years old. I've always had a passion for self-expression, through writing, art and meditation. I spent time in Belize in 1995 as an ethnographic researcher and documentarian for the Maya Center of El Pilar. As an adult student at the University, I focused on non-western art. I have skills in marketing, PR and fundraising, but am at a place in my life, where I am giving up most of my deeply held notions of who I am and what I do best. I guess this is to clear the slate for something new, not limited by pre-conceived notions.

The Call in my Heart
I'm especially interested in community building, but not just virtual community or networking. I want to be drawn to where the most of myself can be called forth. Play at another level, because at this stage of my life, FREEDOM is very necessary. I am actively seeking my own enlightenment and the company of individuals that take full responsibility for themselves, or at least set this goal. I believe that NATURE is the perfect template. Working within her framework, we find wholeness, happiness, strength. I believe this is humans' natural place, and the only place JOY is.

What I Want to Make Happen
Health, wealth, wisdom, state of enlightenment. I want to plan towns and villages. I want to become whole. And within the collective, I would like to be a stand for setting the bar higher, for women being more supportive of each other, which includes becoming comfortable dealing with our unconscious material. By this, I mean the collective shadow; the things we need to look at so that motivation based on survival can evolve into motivation to express higher consciousness and the virtues of the heart, beginning with compassion.

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