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Ann S.

Naples, Florida,
United States

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Circle Connections

Co-founder and co-director of Circle Connections, a global hub for circle work, play, co-creativity and dreams.

I have been blessed to have worked for the past thirty years around the world with women in Circles. I have been culturally enriched and nurtured in the Divine Feminine. Co-designing leadership programs and resources and training of circle facilitators gives me the greatest joy and sense of accomplishment. To see women and girls step into their feminine power is a dream come true.

I love being part of the international women's spirituality movement as well as locally. Working both with grassroots women and girl's empowerment as well as with high level officials brings an integrative approach for sustainable change. Circle Connections sponsors the UN Women's Circles and support a UN 5WCW.

Rhonda Hull, Caroline Ravelo and I are working with many partners in bringing nurturing online and in-person events where everyone fully participates and receives ongoing support. Our Circle Connections newsletter edited by Rosjke Helledine from the UK has circle stories, tips, resources and events. We have many exciting new plans ready to be given birth this coming year. Visit our website, join as a member and come join us in co-creating a new earth, one circle, one connection, one step at a time.


Ann Smith

Family, tennis, kayaking, sitting on the beach, relaxing in the sea, being in nature, reading, and conversing and co-creating with people making a positive difference.

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